Data Protection Policy

Privacy policy

The following sections explain our data protection regulations for your visit to our Internet site.

1. Compiling, Processing, and Using Personal Information

Personal data is collected by us only to the extent that the user provides it with knowledge of the disclosure of the data. We expressly state that a gapless protection of data from being accessed by third parties cannot be guaranteed when data is transferred using the Internet. Liability on our part for damages arising from these kinds of security gaps or injunctions are prohibited.

2. Forwarding of Information

Forwarding of Information to third parties personal data is only collected by us to the extent that the user has knowingly disclosed this data. We will treat personal data provided via this internet site as confidential. This data will only be forwarded to third parties to the extent that is required for the processing of inquiries and/or business procedures. The data collected on this Internet site will not be sold or provided to third parties under any circumstances.

3. Evaluation

When accessing a web site, every browser program sends information about the browser itself, the operating system used, the IP address, the amount of data transferred, the data and time of the service query, etc. This data is not personal and will be temporarily stored and then deleted following a statistical evaluation. It will not be forwarded to third parties unless there is a legal obligation to do so. We will not link this data with other data.

4. Copyright

The content published on this Internet site is subject to the applicable UK copyright laws. Any use of this content requires the prior written approval of the respective holder of the rights. Unauthorized use of the content is punishable by law and can lead to damage compensation claims on the part of the holder of the rights. There are no objections against use for personal, private, and noncommercial use. Links to our internet services do not require our approval.

5. Revocation

The users of this internet site have the right to revoke their consent at any time regarding the personal data that has been collected by deleting their account.

6. Information and Contact for Data Protection


The users can receive information regarding the data stored about them at any time using the address listed below. This includes the origin and recipients of the data as well as the purpose of the data processing. The responsible party in the sense of the data protection conditions is: Peacock Obscura photography 3 Field Close, Hilton, Derby DE65 5GL [email protected]