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Letchworth Centre wedding

Letchworth wedding_0046

Anthony and Megan travelled all the way from Dubai to get married at the Letchworth Centre before flying off to a new life in Hong Kong.  This wonderfully relaxed wedding venue was perfect for this very cool couple and their eclectic friends. Instead of a wedding cake they had Welsh cakes baked by their Nan which were absolutely delicious!!!!

Letchworth wedding_0002Letchworth wedding_0001Letchworth wedding_0003Letchworth wedding_0004Letchworth wedding_0005Letchworth wedding_0007Letchworth wedding_0008Letchworth wedding_0009Letchworth wedding_0010Letchworth wedding_0011Letchworth wedding_0012Letchworth wedding_0013Letchworth wedding_0014Letchworth wedding_0015Letchworth wedding_0017Letchworth wedding_0018Letchworth wedding_0019Letchworth wedding_0020Letchworth wedding_0021Letchworth wedding_0022Letchworth wedding_0023Letchworth wedding_0024Letchworth wedding_0025Letchworth wedding_0026Letchworth wedding_0027Letchworth wedding_0028Letchworth wedding_0029Letchworth wedding_0030Letchworth wedding_0031Letchworth wedding_0032Letchworth wedding_0033Letchworth wedding_0034Letchworth wedding_0035Letchworth wedding_0036Letchworth wedding_0037Letchworth wedding_0038Letchworth wedding_0039Letchworth wedding_0040Letchworth wedding_0041Letchworth wedding_0043Letchworth wedding_0044Letchworth wedding_0045Letchworth wedding_0047Letchworth wedding_0048Letchworth wedding_0049Letchworth wedding_0050Letchworth wedding_0051Letchworth wedding_0053Letchworth wedding_0054Letchworth wedding_0055Letchworth wedding_00562016-08-30_0065Letchworth wedding_0057Letchworth wedding_0059Letchworth wedding_0060Letchworth wedding_0061Letchworth wedding_0062Letchworth wedding_0063

Pennard House wedding

Louise and Jack’s wedding at Pennard house had some very special guests first and foremost Luna their Black Labrador, the second was the singer from one of my favourite bands Alex Veale of Tax the Heat! What can i say about this fabulous summer wedding to really do it justice? the weather was fantastic beautiful blue skies and sunshine all day. Perfect for an outdoor wedding. This lovely couple really made the best of it with a relaxed party atmosphere friends and family.

Pennard House wedding_0001Pennard House wedding_0002Pennard House wedding_0004Pennard House wedding_0005Pennard House wedding_0006Pennard House wedding_0016Pennard House wedding_0085Pennard House wedding_0008Pennard House wedding_0009Pennard House wedding_0010Pennard House wedding_0012Pennard House wedding_0022Pennard House wedding_0017Pennard House wedding_0018Pennard House wedding_0023Pennard House wedding_0021Pennard House wedding_0024Pennard House wedding_0020Pennard House wedding_0019Pennard House wedding_0014Pennard House wedding_0015Pennard House wedding_0025Pennard House wedding_0026Pennard House wedding_0028Pennard House wedding_0029Pennard House wedding_0030Pennard House wedding_0034Pennard House wedding_0038Pennard House wedding_0037Pennard House wedding_0035Pennard House wedding_0040Pennard House wedding_0041Pennard House wedding_0042Pennard House wedding_0043Pennard House wedding_0044Pennard House wedding_0045Pennard House wedding_0046Pennard House wedding_0052Pennard House wedding_0054Pennard House wedding_0051Pennard House wedding_0053Pennard House wedding_0055Pennard House wedding_0048Pennard House wedding_0049Pennard House wedding_0050Pennard House wedding_0056Pennard House wedding_0057Pennard House wedding_0058Pennard House wedding_0059Pennard House wedding_0062Pennard House wedding_0060Pennard House wedding_0061Pennard House wedding_0063Pennard House wedding_0064Pennard House wedding_0065Pennard House wedding_0066Pennard House wedding_0070Pennard House wedding_0068Pennard House wedding_0072Pennard House wedding_0073Pennard House wedding_0067Pennard House wedding_0075Pennard House wedding_0076Pennard House wedding_0077Pennard House wedding_0081Pennard House wedding_0082Pennard House wedding_0079Pennard House wedding_0078Pennard House wedding_0084Pennard House wedding_0080Pennard House wedding_0083

Silverholme, Lake District wedding

Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0079

What can I say about this wedding apart from wow! The Lake District is a fabulous backdrop for your special day.  Monika and Richard made the most of it by hiring Silverholme for the entire weekend. I spent 2 days with this lovely couple and their families and had a wonderful time feeling like part of the family by the end of this truly special weekend.  Monika is from Poland and Richard the UK so we had 2 european families coming together to celebrate the couples union.  Richard even sat down with his new inlaws to learn phonetic polish for his vows! Richard is a Tailor by trade and made his own stylishly unique wedding suit.

Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0001Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0002Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0003Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0004Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0005Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0006Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0007Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0008Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0009Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0010Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0011Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0012Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0013Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0014Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0015Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0017Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0016Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0018Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0019Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0021Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0023Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0024Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0025Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0026Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0027Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0028Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0029Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0030Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0031Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0032Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0034Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0035Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0036Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0037Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0038Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0039Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0041Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0043Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0044Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0045Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0046Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0047Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0048Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0049Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0050Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0051Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0052Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0053Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0054Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0055Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0056Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0057Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0058Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0059Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0060Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0061Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0063Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0064Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0065Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0066Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0067Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0068Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0062Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0069Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0070Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0071Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0072Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0073Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0074Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0075Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0076Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0077Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0078Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0080Silverholme, Lake District wedding_0081

Eilean Donan Castle wedding

Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0091

Emily and Mike’s wedding was no ordinary affair, they tied the knot at Eilean Donan Castle in the Highlands of Scotland.  They came all the way from Canada to celebrate their union to find it pouring with rain for the week before the big day. I met up with them the day before and it was still misty and wet. I was stressing about the weather but they replied it does’t matter we are here and its beautiful!  I’ve included a couple of images from that grey day, which miraculously led to a glorious sunset. I woke up the next day to beautiful sun shine and a perfect day.  I was  excited about this wedding partially because it was set in a castle from one of my all time favourite movies, Highlander! the day did not disappoint and will stay with me for a very long time.  Finally I have to mention that all stunts were carried out by a professional and should not be tried by ordinary people!!!!

Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0001Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0096Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0002Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0003Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0004Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0005Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0006Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0008Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0009Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0011Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0010Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0012Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0013Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0014Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0016Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0007Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0017Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0018Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0019Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0020Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0021Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0022Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0023Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0024Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0026Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0027Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0028Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0029Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0030Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0031Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0032Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0033Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0034Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0035Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0036Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0037Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0038Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0039Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0040Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0041Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0042Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0043Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0044Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0045Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0046Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0047Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0048Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0049Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0051Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0053Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0054Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0056Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0057Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0058Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0059Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0060Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0061Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0062Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0064Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0065Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0066Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0067Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0068Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0069Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0070Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0071Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0072Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0073Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0074Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0075Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0076Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0077Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0078Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0080Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0081Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0082Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0083Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0085Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0086Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0087Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0088Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0089Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0090Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0092Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0093Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0094Eilean Donan Castle wedding_0095

Norwood House, Sophie and Damian

Norwood House weddingSophie and Damians’s Norwood House wedding was a lovely family celebration filled with fun and prefect summer weather. This fab couple really made the most of the day and this brilliant venue.

Sophie and Damian_0001Sophie and Damian_0002Sophie and Damian_0004Sophie and Damian_0005Sophie and Damian_0007Sophie and Damian_0008Sophie and Damian_0009Sophie and Damian_0010Emma and BEN_0004Emma and BEN_0005Emma and BEN_0006Sophie and Damian_0012Sophie and Damian_0013Sophie and Damian_0014Sophie and Damian_0016Sophie and Damian_0017Sophie and Damian_0018Sophie and Damian_0019Sophie and Damian_0022Sophie and Damian_0021Sophie and Damian_0023Sophie and Damian_0024Sophie and Damian_0025Sophie and Damian_0027Sophie and Damian_0028Sophie and Damian_0030Sophie and Damian_0031Sophie and Damian_0032Sophie and Damian_0033Sophie and Damian_0035Sophie and Damian_0040Sophie and Damian_0036Sophie and Damian_0039Sophie and Damian_0037Sophie and Damian_0038Sophie and Damian_0041Sophie and Damian_0043Sophie and Damian_0044Sophie and Damian_0045Sophie and Damian_0046Sophie and Damian_0047Sophie and Damian_0048Sophie and Damian_0049Sophie and Damian_0050Sophie and Damian_0052Sophie and Damian_0053Sophie and Damian_0054Sophie and Damian_0055Sophie and Damian_0056Sophie and Damian_0061Sophie and Damian_0058Sophie and Damian_0059Sophie and Damian_0060Sophie and Damian_0063Sophie and Damian_0062Sophie and Damian_0051Sophie and Damian_0064Sophie and Damian_0065Sophie and Damian_0066Sophie and Damian_0067Sophie and Damian_0068Sophie and Damian_0069Sophie and Damian_0070Sophie and Damian_0071Sophie and Damian_0072Sophie and Damian_0073Sophie and Damian_0074