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Biker wedding, Anna and Dave

Anna and Dave’s wedding had everything, peacock feathers, rock n roll, inflatable guitars and tattoos, I had the privilege to cover both sets of prep and boy am I pleased I did! Dave and his Brother broke out the acoustic guitar and jammed in the kitchen while Anna and her girls rocked out to glam rock playing from a turntable with good old fashioned Vinyl spinning. After the ceremony everyone walked from the church to a local Wigan restaurant where as part of the speeches Dave serenaded his new wife with his brother providing the guitar accompaniment.  Yes it really was as cool as it sounds!  The evening party was wild with Glam rock band Glam 45 blasting awesome 70s hits while everyone danced the night away.

Maynard Hotel wedding, Natalie and James

Maynard Hotel wedding_0047

Natalie and James’s scorching summer wedding at the Maynard Hotel in the Derbyshire dales was a fabulous day.  This stylish couple wanted to include the stunning countryside into their big day so we took a little drive to the nearby wilderness where Natalie proved rock climbing is possible in a wedding dress!

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