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Robin Hood’s Bay Love Shoot

Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0025

Even on a wet and windy day Robin Hood’s Bay is one of my favourite places on earth, when Emily and Gareth suggested having their pre wedding shoot their I was happy to oblige.  We had adventures on the beach with wet feet all round as the tide came in, rock climbing, star jumps and great conversations about how Gareth proposed on the beach while they hunted for fossils.  After the fun on the beach we strolled back the their holiday cottage for hot tea and they showed me the guest book they filled in just after they were engaged. Really looking forward to their April wedding next year!

Buckland Hall wedding_0122Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0001Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0002Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0003Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0004Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0005Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0006Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0007Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0008Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0009Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0010Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0011Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0013Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0012Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0014Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0015Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0016Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0017Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0018Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0019Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0020Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0021Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0022Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0023Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0024Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0026Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0027Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0028Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0029Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0030Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0031Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0032Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0033Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0034Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0035Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0036Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0037Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0038Robin Hoods Bay love shoot_0039

Buckland Hall wedding, Rebecca and Paul

Buckland Hall wedding_0076

I travelled down to Wales for this Buckland Hall wedding to meet Rebecca and Paul the day before the wedding and we took a little stroll around the grounds while having a chat about the fabulous day they had planned I took a few shots along the way, which I have included a small selection here. There was nothing conventional about this wedding which combined my two favourite things, cool weddings and rock music!  Paul has a band (the album is available on iTunes) Elmo Sex whistle. No separate preparations for this couple everybody in the wedding party got ready together and what a fantastic fun atmosphere it was! The rooms were filled with elaborate Day of the Dead skulls and poison bottles with an astounding Till death do us part wedding cake. The ceremony had a special touch that blew me away, Paul played the music for Rebecca to walk down the aisle on a white grand piano. The evening celebration was packed with a Blues Brothers routine from the groomsmen, Paul playing that Piano again with a fantastic rendition of Pink Floyd’s wish you were here, and then a set by the his band which raised the rafters in this Gothic venue.  The first dance was  followed by a party that I enjoyed so much it was hard to tear myself away at the end to make my way home.

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Buckland Hall wedding_0002Buckland Hall wedding_0004Buckland Hall wedding_0003Buckland Hall wedding_0001Buckland Hall wedding_0005Buckland Hall wedding_0006Buckland Hall wedding_0007Buckland Hall wedding_0008Buckland Hall wedding_0009Buckland Hall wedding_0016Buckland Hall wedding_0021Buckland Hall wedding_0012Buckland Hall wedding_0019Buckland Hall wedding_0022Buckland Hall wedding_0015Buckland Hall wedding_0030Buckland Hall wedding_0023Buckland Hall wedding_0018Buckland Hall wedding_0011Buckland Hall wedding_0064Buckland Hall wedding_0065Buckland Hall wedding_0066Buckland Hall wedding_0024Buckland Hall wedding_0025Buckland Hall wedding_0010Buckland Hall wedding_0026Buckland Hall wedding_0020Buckland Hall wedding_0017Buckland Hall wedding_0033Buckland Hall wedding_0029Buckland Hall wedding_0036Buckland Hall wedding_0035Buckland Hall wedding_0032Buckland Hall wedding_0039Buckland Hall wedding_0040Buckland Hall wedding_0041Buckland Hall wedding_0042Buckland Hall wedding_0043Buckland Hall wedding_0047Buckland Hall wedding_0052Buckland Hall wedding_0048Buckland Hall wedding_0049Buckland Hall wedding_0050Buckland Hall wedding_0054Buckland Hall wedding_0055Buckland Hall wedding_0056Buckland Hall wedding_0058Buckland Hall wedding_0059Buckland Hall wedding_0086Buckland Hall wedding_0060Buckland Hall wedding_0098Buckland Hall wedding_0078Buckland Hall wedding_0061Buckland Hall wedding_0062Buckland Hall wedding_0067Buckland Hall wedding_0068Buckland Hall wedding_0069Buckland Hall wedding_0077Buckland Hall wedding_0070Buckland Hall wedding_0071Buckland Hall wedding_0072Buckland Hall wedding_0075Buckland Hall wedding_0074Buckland Hall wedding_0080Buckland Hall wedding_0081Buckland Hall wedding_0082Buckland Hall wedding_0083Buckland Hall wedding_0063Buckland Hall wedding_0088Buckland Hall wedding_0089Buckland Hall wedding_0091Buckland Hall wedding_0090Buckland Hall wedding_0092Buckland Hall wedding_0095Buckland Hall wedding_0096Buckland Hall wedding_0087Buckland Hall wedding_0099Buckland Hall wedding_0102Buckland Hall wedding_0103Buckland Hall wedding_0106Buckland Hall wedding_0105Buckland Hall wedding_0107Buckland Hall wedding_0108Buckland Hall wedding_0109Buckland Hall wedding_0111Buckland Hall wedding_0112Buckland Hall wedding_0113Buckland Hall wedding_0114

Gracie and Liam love shoot in the woods

Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0032

Gracie and Liam took a little walk where the wild things are for a magical love shoot. I can’t wait for this gorgeous couples wedding in just a few days time. we talked about light sabres and tattoos and fantasy inspired jewellery, they really are my kind of people!

rock your shot_0036Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0035Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0017Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0019Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0020Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0022Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0021Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0023Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0027Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0031Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0018Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0025Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0024Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0026Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0033Gracie and Liam pre wedding_0034

Norwood Park wedding, Rachael and Kristian

Norwood Park wedding_0091

Rachael and Kristian were married at the fabulous Norwood Park a new venue for me, they had an intimate wedding ceremony with family and friends with more guest arriving for the party later. Rachel had requested special light painting shots so we had fun playing with lightsabers! little did the couple know that their parents had arranged a firework display which really brought this fun day to a close with a bang!

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Norwood Park wedding_0001Norwood Park wedding_0002Norwood Park wedding_0003Norwood Park wedding_0004Norwood Park wedding_0005Norwood Park wedding_0006Norwood Park wedding_0007Norwood Park wedding_0008Norwood Park wedding_0009Norwood Park wedding_0010Norwood Park wedding_0011Norwood Park wedding_0012Norwood Park wedding_0013Norwood Park wedding_0014Norwood Park wedding_0015Norwood Park wedding_0016Norwood Park wedding_0017Norwood Park wedding_0018Norwood Park wedding_0019Norwood Park wedding_0020Norwood Park wedding_0021Norwood Park wedding_0022Norwood Park wedding_0023Norwood Park wedding_0024Norwood Park wedding_0025Norwood Park wedding_0026Norwood Park wedding_0027Norwood Park wedding_0028Norwood Park wedding_0029Norwood Park wedding_0030Norwood Park wedding_0031Norwood Park wedding_0033Norwood Park wedding_0034Norwood Park wedding_0035Norwood Park wedding_0036Norwood Park wedding_0037Norwood Park wedding_0038Norwood Park wedding_0039Norwood Park wedding_0040Norwood Park wedding_0041Norwood Park wedding_0042Norwood Park wedding_0043Norwood Park wedding_0044Norwood Park wedding_0045Norwood Park wedding_0046Norwood Park wedding_0047Norwood Park wedding_0048Norwood Park wedding_0049Norwood Park wedding_0050Norwood Park wedding_0051Norwood Park wedding_0052Norwood Park wedding_0053Norwood Park wedding_0054Norwood Park wedding_0055Norwood Park wedding_0056Norwood Park wedding_0057Norwood Park wedding_0058Norwood Park wedding_0059Norwood Park wedding_0061Norwood Park wedding_0062Norwood Park wedding_0063Norwood Park wedding_0064Norwood Park wedding_0094Norwood Park wedding_0065Norwood Park wedding_0067Norwood Park wedding_0068Norwood Park wedding_0069Norwood Park wedding_0070Norwood Park wedding_0071Norwood Park wedding_0072Norwood Park wedding_0073Norwood Park wedding_0097Norwood Park wedding_0075Norwood Park wedding_0076Norwood Park wedding_0082Norwood Park wedding_0083Norwood Park wedding_0077Norwood Park wedding_0078Norwood Park wedding_0084Norwood Park wedding_0085Norwood Park wedding_0087Norwood Park wedding_0088Norwood Park wedding_0089Norwood Park wedding_0090Norwood Park wedding_0092

Swancar Farm wedding, Helen and Gareth

Swancar farm wedding_0064

Helen and Gareth’s Swancar Farm wedding was a fun filled day for this lovely couple. They had a an unique bicycle themed wedding as they are both keen cyclists, unfortunately they had their bikes stolen in the weeks leading up to the wedding.  The best man gave them a surprise present of a new bike during his speech which Gareth took for a spin in the wedding breakfast room.  Scroll down to see how he got on.

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Swancar farm wedding_0001Swancar farm wedding_0002Swancar farm wedding_0003Swancar farm wedding_0004Swancar farm wedding_0006Swancar farm wedding_0007Swancar farm wedding_0008Swancar farm wedding_0012Swancar farm wedding_0013Swancar farm wedding_0009Swancar farm wedding_0010Swancar farm wedding_0011Swancar farm wedding_0014Swancar farm wedding_0015Swancar farm wedding_0016Swancar farm wedding_0017Swancar farm wedding_0018Swancar farm wedding_0019Swancar farm wedding_0020Swancar farm wedding_0021Swancar farm wedding_0022Swancar farm wedding_0023Swancar farm wedding_0024Swancar farm wedding_0025Swancar farm wedding_0026Swancar farm wedding_0027Swancar farm wedding_0028Swancar farm wedding_0029Swancar farm wedding_0030Swancar farm wedding_0031Swancar farm wedding_0032Swancar farm wedding_0033Swancar farm wedding_0034Swancar farm wedding_0035Swancar farm wedding_0036Swancar farm wedding_0037Swancar farm wedding_0038Swancar farm wedding_0039Swancar farm wedding_0040Swancar farm wedding_0041Swancar farm wedding_0043Swancar farm wedding_0044Swancar farm wedding_0045Swancar farm wedding_0046Swancar farm wedding_0048Swancar farm wedding_0049Swancar farm wedding_0050Swancar farm wedding_0051Swancar farm wedding_0052Swancar farm wedding_0053Swancar farm wedding_0054Swancar farm wedding_0055Swancar farm wedding_0056Swancar farm wedding_0057Swancar farm wedding_0058Swancar farm wedding_0059Swancar farm wedding_0060Swancar farm wedding_0061Swancar farm wedding_0062Swancar farm wedding_0063Swancar farm wedding_0093Swancar farm wedding_0065Swancar farm wedding_0066Swancar farm wedding_0067Swancar farm wedding_0068Swancar farm wedding_0070Swancar farm wedding_0071Swancar farm wedding_0074Swancar farm wedding_0073Swancar farm wedding_0075Swancar farm wedding_0076Swancar farm wedding_0077Swancar farm wedding_0078Swancar farm wedding_0079Swancar farm wedding_0080Swancar farm wedding_0081Swancar farm wedding_0082Swancar farm wedding_0083Swancar farm wedding_0084Swancar farm wedding_0086Swancar farm wedding_0087Swancar farm wedding_0088Swancar farm wedding_0089Swancar farm wedding_0090Swancar farm wedding_0091Swancar farm wedding_0092

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