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Hundred House Hotel, Shropshire wedding

I took for Gemma and Gareth’s winter wedding in Shropshire at Hundred House Hotel it was a lovely affair with friends and family and dogs the whole day was one big party full of laughing and enjoyment.

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Groom prep TelfordGareth and Gemma_0002Gareth and Gemma_0003Gareth and Gemma_0004Gareth and Gemma_0005Gareth and Gemma_0007Gareth and Gemma_0009Gareth and Gemma_0008Gareth and Gemma_0010Gareth and Gemma_0011Gareth and Gemma_0012Gareth and Gemma_0013Gareth and Gemma_0014Gareth and Gemma_0015Gareth and Gemma_0016Gareth and Gemma_0017Gareth and Gemma_0018Gareth and Gemma_0020Gareth and Gemma_0021Gareth and Gemma_0022Gareth and Gemma_0024Gareth and Gemma_0023Gareth and Gemma_0027Gareth and Gemma_0028Gareth and Gemma_0025Gareth and Gemma_0026Gareth and Gemma_0029Gareth and Gemma_0030Gareth and Gemma_0031Gareth and Gemma_0032Gareth and Gemma_0034Gareth and Gemma_0036Gareth and Gemma_0038Gareth and Gemma_0040Gareth and Gemma_0043Gareth and Gemma_0037Gareth and Gemma_0039Gareth and Gemma_0041Gareth and Gemma_0082Gareth and Gemma_0042Gareth and Gemma_0079Gareth and Gemma_0046Gareth and Gemma_0047Gareth and Gemma_0045Gareth and Gemma_0050Gareth and Gemma_0051Gareth and Gemma_0061Gareth and Gemma_0048Gareth and Gemma_0053Gareth and Gemma_0055Gareth and Gemma_0054Gareth and Gemma_0075Gareth and Gemma_0049Gareth and Gemma_0085Gareth and Gemma_0060Gareth and Gemma_0059Gareth and Gemma_0058Gareth and Gemma_0057Gareth and Gemma_0063Gareth and Gemma_0064Gareth and Gemma_0065Gareth and Gemma_0076Gareth and Gemma_0062Wedding sparklers walkGareth and Gemma_0067Gareth and Gemma_0068Gareth and Gemma_0069Gareth and Gemma_0070Gareth and Gemma_0071Gareth and Gemma_0072Gareth and Gemma_0073Gareth and Gemma_0077



Sophie and Jonny’s Abersoch love shoot

heavenly sky

Sophie and Jonny are getting married on the Abersoch coast  in Wales one of the most dramatically beautiful spot to get married I have ever seen. We took a stroll around all the places that are going to feature in the wonderful wedding day on a very windy and bitter cold day in January.  I took these photographs of this beautiful couple having fun despite the the elements knowing when the wedding takes place in the summer this is going to be one of the most amazing weddings of the year.

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beach love shoot pre wedding in WalesWales pre wedding on the beach couple walking on the beachmorris_0037morris_0034morris_0033morris_0032morris_0027morris_0039morris_0035morris_0040morris_0029morris_0028morris_0026morris_0017morris_0023morris_0022morris_0021morris_0016morris_0025morris_0024morris_0041morris_0018

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