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This was 2014 with Peacock Obscura Photography

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2014 was a wonderful year for weddings, here is a collection of some of my favourites. 2015 is already promising to be an even more exciting.  I shoot in a documentary style capturing the day in a natural and creative way to provide all my couples with images to bring back the full experience and memories of their very special day.  I also like to create beautiful intimate portraits that reflect the love they share with each other.

For information on how to book wedding photography, or to check my availability throughout the UK or abroad please get in touch by clicking here PeacockObscura

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Peacock Obscura 2014 End of Year Review part 1

Confetti Canon 2014 has been an incredible journey for me and would like to thank all the lovely couples who trusted me with capturing their day. I had more weddings than any other year including my first International wedding in glorious Tuscany.  Here are a few of my favourite photographs.  This is part one of my end of year celebration part two will follow in January.  My style of photography is a beautiful mix of documentary coverage and editorial style portraiture. Really looking forward to 2015  even more couples have chosen me to cover one of the most important days of their lives which is always very humbling.

For information on how to book wedding photography, or to check my availability throughout the UK please get in touch by clicking here PeacockObscura

Timbo_0043Timbo_0036Rudbey Hall_0031Timbo_0030Elvaston Castle_0040Leanne and Dom's Halloween wedding_0092Timbo_0051Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0021Timbo_0045Timbo_0044wedding_0019Sam's 18th_0097brollytuscany pic of the day_0080brollytuscany pic of the day_0081Timbo_0046Timbo_0032Timbo_0026Timbo_0047Elvaston Castle_0038Timbo_0040Timbo_0041Timbo_0039Timbo_0038papkata house_0004Timbo_0025Timbo_0035Timbo_0033Kirby beach_0028Everything is connectedLONDON ERIC AND LEA_0084Walloton Hall wedding_0114Thornton Manor wedding_0079

Nicola and Andy’s in Pre-wedding shoot in Wales

Wales pre wedding

Nicola and Andy’s pre-weddding photoshoot in the magnificent countryside of  blustery Wales. We braved wind, mud and very cold temperatures to capture these photographs but I think you’ll agree it was worth it!

Wales photoshootAndy and Nicola_0001Andy and Nicola_0004Andy and Nicola_0005Andy and Nicola_0006Andy and Nicola_0007Andy and Nicola_0008Andy and Nicola_0011WalesAndy and Nicola_0013Andy and Nicola_0014Andy and Nicola_0015Andy and Nicola_0016Andy and Nicola_0012