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Nicola and Will’s UK wedding party

Confetti first dance

Back in June Nicola and Will got married in Tuscany, last night they celebrated with their friends and family who didn’t make the trip to Italy with a wedding party on a farm.  They must be blessed as the weather was just as hot as it had been on their Italian adventure. Here are a few photographs  of the fun packed day in sunny Loughborough.

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VW camper vanNicola and Will UK party_0002Nicola and Will UK party_0003Nicola and Will UK party_0004Nicola and Will UK party_0007Nicola and Will UK party_0006Nicola and Will UK party_0005Nicola and Will UK party_0009Nicola and Will UK party_0010Nicola and Will UK party_0011Nicola and Will UK party_0008Nicola and Will UK party_0012Nicola and Will UK party_0013Nicola and Will UK party_0014Nicola and Will UK party_0015Nicola and Will UK party_0016Nicola and Will UK party_0017Nicola and Will UK party_0018Nicola and Will UK party_0019Nicola and Will UK party_0020Nicola and Will UK party_0021Nicola and Will UK party_0022Nicola and Will UK party_0024Nicola and Will UK party_0029Nicola and Will UK party_0026Nicola and Will UK party_0023Nicola and Will UK party_0027Nicola and Will UK party_0028Nicola and Will UK party_0030Nicola and Will UK party_0032Nicola and Will UK party_0033Nicola and Will UK party_0036Nicola and Will UK party_0037Nicola and Will UK party_0038Nicola and Will UK party_0034Nicola and Will UK party_0035Nicola and Will UK party_0039Nicola and Will UK party_0040

Peak Edge Hotel Chesterfield, Louise and Tom

Couple portraits on Bridge

I had the pleasure of helping my good friend photographer Chris Seddon on Louise and Tom’s wedding at Peak Edge Hotel in Chesterfield back in March.  The day was a perfect spring day with fabulous weather for this lovely couple to celebrate their day with family and friends at this charming venue.

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Chesterfield weddingwedding chesterfieldwedding prepwedding_0036wedding_0037wedding_0038wedding_0042wedding_0039wedding_0041wedding_0045wedding_0046wedding_0043wedding_0048wedding_0049wedding_0047wedding_0050wedding_0052wedding_0051wedding_0057wedding_0058wedding_0059wedding_0061wedding_0060wedding_0062wedding_0067wedding_0064wedding_0073wedding_0074wedding_0068wedding_0069wedding_0070wedding_0071wedding_0072wedding_0075wedding_0076wedding_0077wedding_0079wedding_0078wedding_0080wedding_0081wedding_0082wedding_0083wedding_0084wedding_0085wedding_0086wedding_0087wedding_0088wedding_0089wedding_0090wedding_0091wedding_0160wedding_0096wedding_0097wedding_0098wedding_0109wedding_0099wedding_0102wedding_0103wedding_0104wedding_0105wedding_0108wedding_0107wedding_0112wedding_0113wedding_0114wedding_0115wedding_0116wedding_0117wedding_0118wedding_0119wedding_0120wedding_0122wedding_0123wedding_0124wedding_0125wedding_0126wedding_0127wedding_0128wedding_0129wedding_0137wedding_0159wedding_0130wedding_0132wedding_0133wedding_0136wedding_0138wedding_0141wedding_0158wedding_0140wedding_0139wedding_0142wedding_0143wedding_0144wedding_0146wedding_0145wedding_0147wedding_0148wedding_0149wedding_0150wedding_0151wedding_0152wedding_0153wedding_0154wedding_0155wedding_0156

Mansfield wedding, Emma and Adam

Night wedding Portraits

I revisited Mansfield, where my wife and I had our wedding reception,  for Emma and Adam’s wedding on Friday.  The weather was reasonably kind only starting to rain as the doves were released leaving Emma and Adam to have a a great family party At The John Fretwell sports centre.

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gardenbride makeupBridesmaidsMansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0027garden furniturepuppygarden prepnannadrinkiesdetailswedding dressdress detailswedding shoesbride makeup mirrorstairscalendarwinewedding photo Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0018Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0019Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0021Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0022window viewMansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0024Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0028Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0025Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0026flowersMansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0031

putting on the dresslacing up the dressfirst viewing of the dressMansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0035groomsmengroomgroom in churchgroom waitingbride arrivesMansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0042at the churchvicarceremonyhelp me shoesregister signingMansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0048Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0049Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0050Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0051kiss in churchconfettiMansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0055Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0056Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0057Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0058Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0059dove releasespeechesgrooms speechslideshowMansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0064Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0065Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0066Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0067Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0068Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0069Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0070Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0071Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0072Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0073Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0074Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0075Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0076Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0077Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0078Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0079Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0080Mansfield wedding Emma and Adam_0081

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