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Fazeley Studios wedding, Birmingham

Birmingham wedding photographer

Fazeley Studios is a fabulous wedding venue whatever time of year you choose to get married, this winter wedding was blessed with snow which really added to the magical day of of Amy and John.  they had a gorgeous vintage themed day with Amy wearing a beautiful vintage lace wedding dress and John rocking the bow tie.

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Oakwell Hall wedding, Leeds

Yorkshire wedding photographer

Yorkshire is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth when the sun shines.  This gorgeous shabby chic wedding at Oakwell Hall in Leeds was blessed with the perfect summers day, which was good as Sana and Mark based their entire day around fun games in the glorious Yorkshire country side.  They even broke with tradition with the first dance, dancing in the afternoon on the cobbles to banjo playing.  The wedding breakfast was a scrumptious barbecue followed by much celebration and dancing to the live ceilidh band.

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Standlow Farm Kniveton, Jen and Andy


Standlow Farm is a beautiful rustic wedding venue in the country side of Derbyshire.  Jen and Andy had a really unique wedding day, one that signalled the return of the Top hat and included paper aeroplanes (Andy is a Pilot), 40’s swing band and a fabulous sunset. The evening food was a rather fantastic Pizza tent with lovely freshly made pizza for evening sustenance for all the dancing to the amazing Ashby Big Band.

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Red House Barn wedding, Worcestershire, Chateau Impney

first Kiss

Ellie & Ste planned a wonderful eco Friendly  wedding at the fantastic Redhouse Barn having a wonderfully relaxed day with friends.  The weather was lovely making a wonderful  wedding day at this brilliant venue.
For information on how to book wedding photography at Redhouse Barn & Chateau Impney  or to check my availability throughout the UK please get in touch by clicking  here  PeacockObscura
PeacockObscura_0650groom prepwalking in the groundsviewPeacockObscura_0655BalconyPeacockObscura_0659mirrorwedding detailswedding detailsmusicians kidswedding guestswedding guestswaiting for the bridethe bride arrivesthe wedding ceremonyexchanging the ringssigning the registerconfettithe guestswedding dogBride and bouquetBride portraitBride and groom with dogBride and Groom portraitBride and groom portraits treesportraitscountry wedding portraitsportraitsfence detailsspeechesspeecheswedding cake first dancefirst dancelive musicwedding bandparty

Wedding wishing well wedding

Mansfield wedding

Weddings are always emotional occasions but today I was privileged to photograph Tina & Steve’s immensely moving wedding in Mansfield. A wedding that they wouldn’t have been able to have without the help of The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation – a charity who help organise & fund weddings for people with cancer. Steve thanked the foundation in his very moving speech and said Tina & he would not have been able to have this special day without their help. They are a lovely couple & had an amazing day, I felt humbled to have been able to help.

Mansfield church weddingMansfield church weddingMansfield wedding portraitskiss in wedding carmansfield miners welfare weddingmansfield miners welfare wedding bride and groom dancefirst dance